Our Services

Matrius Technologies offers a wide range of R&D, design and analysis services that bring value and safety to various industries. Our strong expertise covers multiple fields including material characterization, design of inspection methods, ultrasonic wave propagation simulations and more. Our team of highly qualified engineers and researchers develop cutting edge technologies in the field non-destructive testing to improve safety. 


Wave propagation simulation using finite element, ray tracing or analytical models for evaluation studies or machine learning training.

Inspection methods

Definition and evaluation of inspection methods for non-standard cases. 

Probe design

Design, prototyping, pre-production of ultrasonic probes. Piezoelectric or EMAT technologies. 

Material characterization

Acoustical and electrical characterization of components : piezoelectric crystal, coil and magnets assembly, backing layer absorption.


Experimental measurements using standard or advanced ultrasonic testing equipment. 

Imaging and signal processing

Development of algorithms, batch processing and analysis of ultrasonic data.

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