Permanent thickness monitoring

At least one dramatic accident caused by a faulty pipe happens each year.
Our technology allows your industry to monitor the structural integrity of your installations anywhere, anytime.

The cost of corrosion

  • Corrosion costs are a significant burden to the industry
  • Monitoring, maintenance and shutdown are mandatory
  • 60% of infrastructure is over 40 years old

Illustration : Cost of corrosion by industry (USA). Source: NACE

Operating at high temperatures

From refining to nuclear power generation, high temperature is present in many processes. However, it makes routine operations more complex and more difficult to control.

High temperature thickness monitoring

We developed a unique solution which allows reduction of shutdowns and downtimes by constant thickness monitoring  up to 600°C.

  • 5 years of research and development
  • Unique and proprietary materials
  • Real-time wireless data acquisition and analysis
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